Upcoming Genealogy Classes at the Bellevue Regional Library

Here is a schedule of upcoming genealogy classes to be held in the Bellevue Regional Library computer lab:

May 2nd, Monday 7-9 PM, “Searching for Genealogists”.  This class will discuss and use a variety of surname/first name search strategies including finding surname variants, using wildcards, doing Google searches (free form and advanced),  searches using Ancestry (surname/first name) and FamilySearch (surname and place name) and whatever else comes to mind.

 May 11th, Wednesday, 2-4 PM, “Searching for Genealogists”.  Same as above but during the day rather than in the evening.

 May 21st, Saturday, 2-4 PM, “Using the United States Census and Census Substitutes”.  In this class we use the library edition of Ancestry to examine  federal census records from 1790 to 1940 and learn techniques for finding ancestors who at first glance appear to have been overlooked by the enumerator but really weren’t. We will also explore some of the census substitutes like city directories and state censuses and tax records which can locate our ancestors as well as provide supplementary and highly complementary data to that contained in the federal census.

 All classes will be taught by Bob Barnes.  Registration is required; to sign up, please call the library at 425-450-1765. 



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