Newsletter to Blog

As you may know, Eastside Genealogical Society has had a newsletter for many years. Recently the newsletter ended when the newsletter editor (me) needed to resign suddenly due to family issues. During this time when there was no newsletter, the EGS Board decided to go from a newsletter format to a blog. Why? Many genealogical societies have already done this. Our society was one of few that still had a monthly newsletter, and even rarer, one that had the option of its members receiving a printed newsletter.  We need to modernize!

Also, blog posts are more immediate. You do not have to wait until a specific time each month to get the news — it is available as soon as it is posted. And with this blog, you can choose to be notified to receive an email when there is a new blog posting. I hope all of you will sign up for the email notification. You can do so on the link to the right of this page on the button that says “Follow.”

And with a blog, there is no size limitation like there was in the newsletter. Only so much space was available to put a lot of information in. Most times I had more than I could fit into the newsletter, which resulted in having to leave some really good things out.

Now I am hoping that all of you will help by contributing to the blog. If you see something that might be of interest to our members/readers, please email it to me. If you have a tip, a story, a link, a meeting announcement, or some other news, please send it along. Thanks!


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