Upcoming Local Events

The following upcoming local events may be of interest to you:

Eastside Genealogical Society Meeting — Put some history into your family history research with a new product called History Lines.  On February 11, 2016, the monthly meeting of EGS will focus on the website HistoryLines.com – A Story for Every Ancestor, presented by user Glen McNay. Come view the features of this website which allows you to create an interactive timeline, follow an ancestor’s migration history on an interactive map, explore the lifestyle of your ancestors and more.  History Lines currently includes information from England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, US, Canada, Denmark, Germany, France, Poland, and Sweden, for 1600-1950.  The meeting starts at 7 pm, 6:45 for newcomers at the Bellevue Library.  Visitors welcome.  As always, time for questions and answers!

The German Special Interest group will meet on Friday, February 5, 2016, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. at the LDS Church, 10675 NE 20th St, Bellevue, WA 98004.  The program will be “Beginning Genealogy – Research in the US & Germany.” Attend this lively and informative session and come away with how to best begin or continue your genealogical research/family history journey including free forms, tips on finding information and resources available without much, if any cost, online genealogy resources, information on choosing a genealogical software program, and much more.  Our Speaker: Dorothy Pretare, German Interest Group Program Chair, Eastside Genealogy Society Publicity Chair, and Genealogist has been working on her family genealogy for many years.  She has presented a variety of genealogical talks locally.  Dorothy is very generous with her time and has worked tirelessly to share genealogical information with people who are interested in genealogy and family history, whether they are just beginning their family search or are well versed in genealogical research.  Our March meeting will take place Friday, March 4, 2016, at 1:00 p.m. and our topic will be ” X-DNA Basics–an overview of  X-DNA inheritance patterns and how to find X-chromosome matches.”

The Jewish Genealogical Society of Washington State
invites you to attend our upcoming, free, genealogy event on Monday evening, February 8, 2016, at 7:15 p.m., in Bellevue, WA. This upcoming evening’s event consists of two different topics presented by one speaker!  EVALUATING EVIDENCE:  ASKING A MINI-MINNIE QUESTION and HANDWRITING ANALYSIS FOR GENEALOGISTS by Ron Arons, Writer, Lecturer, and Genealogist. Come listen to this entertaining and knowledgeable speaker and walk away with information that will help you to evaluate your genealogical research and documents.
Monday, February 8, 2016, LDS Factoria Building, 4200 124th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98006. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., for all to enjoy the extensive JGSWS Library and Family History Center’s genealogical resources! Presentation starts promptly at 7:15 p.m. FREE Wi-Fi and FREE access to for-fee genealogical websites available. Free admission and refreshments.
ABOUT OUR PROGRAM–TWO entertaining presentations in one evening!
Evaluating Evidence:  Asking a mini-Minnie Question:  To evaluate genealogical research, one needs to examine the bits and pieces of our research. Once Ron Arons found the bigamy case of his great grandfather Isaac Spier, he wanted to know what happened to the second wife, Minnie Ott. Ron will present the basic constructs of analyzing documents and evidence, i.e. the Genealogical Proof Standard, pointing to the research question: How many times did Minnie Ott marry? Ron Arons will apply the evaluation theory to the documents he located towards the resolution of this question.
Handwriting Analysis for Genealogists:  This presentation will cover both document examination and graphology. The former is the more accepted discipline of comparing questioned samples with known handwriting samples. For decades, courts have allowed document analysis as evidence in probate cases, etc. The “soft science” of graphology is the more questionable “art” of trying to determine personality characteristics and behavior based on the analysis of signatures and handwriting in general. Examples of both how document examination and graphology can be used in genealogical research will be provided. Also, various software packages and books that can help understand these two topics will be discussed.
Born in New York, Ron Arons was reared a goodie-two-shoes. Aside from five moving violations (including a “California” roll through a stop sign, doing 40 MPH in a 30 MPH zone, and driving with his brights on), Arons himself has never been afoul of the law. Ron worked for many years as a marketer at many high-tech companies—including Texas Instruments, Ashton-Tate, and Sybase—before deciding to work full time on his first book, The Jews of Sing Sing. Ron became interested in understanding his roots after he lost both his parents to cancer 16-18 years ago. In the process of researching his criminal ancestor’s past, Ron has traced his roots to England, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania. In 2005, Ron won a Hackman Research Residency Award from the New York State Archives to continue his research of New York Jewish criminals. In January 2008, Ron appeared on the PBS television series, The Jewish Americans, as the acknowledged expert on Jewish criminals of New York’s Lower East Side. Arons tours the country giving educational and entertaining presentations on Jewish criminals and Jewish genealogy. Ron earned a B.S. in Engineering from Princeton University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Please visit our website at: http://www.jgsws.org to join or to donate to JGSWS to help support the incredible speakers and workshops we bring to you, to view library listings, download handouts, and for more information.  JGSWS is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.  Membership and donations are tax deductible.
Additionally, you can follow us on Facebook at:  JGSWS [Jewish Genealogical Society of Washington State].
Our next meeting/genealogy event, also free, will take place on Monday, March 14th, 2016, and the topic will be “Genealogical Research in Israel:  The Records and Databases of the Israel Genealogy Research Association (IGRA)”, with speaker Garri Regev, Teacher, Lecturer, and Genealogist, from Israel!


RootsTech 2016

RootsTech 2016 will draw about 2,000 attendees to Salt Lake City for the February 3 – 6, 2016 sessions for genealogists. They will live stream some sessions  & will have some available later.

The above website has links to “Live Stream Schedule,” “2016 Classes,” and “Class Syllabus.”  It appears that there is a syllabus available for most sessions, even those not being streamed.

One of EGS’s Members, Janet O’Connor Camarata, will be presenting  “RT2704- 15 Ways for Genealogists to Keep Learning” but it will not be streamed.  The handout to her session can be downloaded now and you most likely will find it informative.

Newsletter to Blog

As you may know, Eastside Genealogical Society has had a newsletter for many years. Recently the newsletter ended when the newsletter editor (me) needed to resign suddenly due to family issues. During this time when there was no newsletter, the EGS Board decided to go from a newsletter format to a blog. Why? Many genealogical societies have already done this. Our society was one of few that still had a monthly newsletter, and even rarer, one that had the option of its members receiving a printed newsletter.  We need to modernize!

Also, blog posts are more immediate. You do not have to wait until a specific time each month to get the news — it is available as soon as it is posted. And with this blog, you can choose to be notified to receive an email when there is a new blog posting. I hope all of you will sign up for the email notification. You can do so on the link to the right of this page on the button that says “Follow.”

And with a blog, there is no size limitation like there was in the newsletter. Only so much space was available to put a lot of information in. Most times I had more than I could fit into the newsletter, which resulted in having to leave some really good things out.

Now I am hoping that all of you will help by contributing to the blog. If you see something that might be of interest to our members/readers, please email it to me. If you have a tip, a story, a link, a meeting announcement, or some other news, please send it along. Thanks!